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Why Guuye?

Aav eej mini

Guuye is my name. It was my first ever name which I was addressed to as a baby. However, my official name is not Guuye. Why? It’s a lovely story.

When I was born my parents were very happy as I was the first grandchild in both families. My parents didn’t have a name for me when I was born. It was normal not to have a name for a newborn baby then. My parents were in their early 20’s and just married a year earlier. A few days later my parents made a phone call to my ‘tall’ grandfather (my parents called my dad’s dad tall and mum’s dad short to distinguish between them as in Mongolia both would become ‘dad’ for them.) My parents wanted me to be named by a local lama who had a good reputation. They couldn’t go and see the lama themselves as they had moved to a different village a few months earlier.

The day my grandfather was supposed to call back arrived. My dad went to the Registry office and waited for the phone call. He waited and waited till the registry office closed. He couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to have my birth certificate. So he named me himself ‘Uuganbayar’ meaning ‘first happiness/joy.’

Just as he came out of the registry office holding my birth certificate my grandfather called. The lama said I was to be named Gursedmaa. So my parents made it shorter and called me Guuye. It’s a Tibetan name and I’m trying to find out exactly what it means. So I will be letting you know with my findings. Just now, I hear someone is calling me Guuye. It’s my husband. He had made me some tea. My favourite drink at the moment. I will be writing more interesting posts. Keep checking. Thanks for visiting.


One response to “Why Guuye?”

  1. That is a lovely story. I think we should think well before naming our babies as the name is the first and last thing that will stay with a person.

    I also had a different name which was given by lama and it was changed when I started school as it was too long and complicated to call since it was Tibetan name. I like the fact that you kept both names till now.

    When my son got ill I called back home in desperation for some help or some sort. We all tell our mums, when something happens, don’t we? Mum asked from a person who is shaman and apparently my son’s name wasn’t right for him and if we changed his name he’d be ok. I told this to my husband hoping he’d follow the shaman’s prediction. Surprisingly, he stubbornly said: this is the name we parents chose for our son, it won’t be changed! And that was it. He still has his name till now, deep down I was grateful for my husband’s decision.

    I think his name is a good name and if he wants to change it one day it would be his choice but not someone else’s.


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