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Things I found weird when…

…I came to Britain in 2000. Bear in mind that it’s a few years back and I’m from rural Mongolia. Now, I don’t want you to think that everyone from Mongolia is like me. There are many Mongolians who are well educated, travelled about, speak a few languages and most importantly they are the ‘city’ guys who grew up watching cable TV, went to Russian schools and lived in flats. Whereas I grew up in a ger, went to village schools wearing deel and felt boots.)

– a carrot cake
Carrot? Cake?

– ginger beer
It’s called beer, but not really beer?

– Winnie de Pooh
Winnie de What? really? I don’t believe you! Excuse me(turning to someone else) how do you pronounce that?
– Poo(h)
– oh right.

These words I still have difficulties with:
Vest – waist coat
Pumpkin – bumpkin

I was talking to an another mother recently. She said: I never get this breastfeeding palava. Later on I spoke to my friend and explained ‘She never got the breastfeeding pavlova!’


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