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Busy bee

or Twitter shall I say? Well well Billy. You don’t believe how Mummy is addicted to Twitter. Your Daddy is feeling a bit left out. He does support Mummy a lot. Mummy is lucky. Your sister turned 13 last week and we had 5 of her friends came for a sleepover. They had fun. It’s so good to see your sister has many friends. Your big brother is well, he is enjoying school. Although he loves playing on the new PC we have now. Not only him, Mummy is on it quite a bit too. Saying that Ella is still young and nappies, naps, bibs and bottles … seem to be Mummy’s day-to-day things. Mummy loves having Ella just like having all of you, really. She is the smiliest of all. I’m sure you are watching us and see her smiling all the time. Mummy still feels you sent her to us. Mummy is going to put a photo of Ella here. Now Mummy is ready to show who she is and do things more openly. That’s why Mummy has a website now. Your Daddy helped to put it together and Mummy is going to put more light-hearted things on it. See, you changed Mummy. Losing you made Mummy braver and she wants to make the most of what we have now.

People won’t understand it that easily, unless they experienced similar loss. We had a lovely birthday cake on your sister’s birthday and put yours in front of your photo. It’s nice to do that, but it’s so so so sad. Mummy so wish you were here. My red-headed angel boy. We miss you so much. We, including your 6-year-old brother go silent for a few minutes swallowing our tears and pull ourselves together. Mummy wrote few lines to raise awareness about Down syndrome and the term ‘Mongol.’ People casually throw it in their daily conversation. How ignorant. Read entries like this here.


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