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Visit Scotland, but know these…

I’ve been living in Scotland over 10 years and these are

Troon beach
Troon beach

5 Mistakes foreigners make

1. It’s called England. Please don’t do that. They won’t correct you, but they’ll be pretty annoyed. There are 4 countries in the United Kingdom: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

2. Everyone in Scotland loves whisky. True, Scotland is the home of whisky, but not everybody likes whisky. They like their drinks. There are beer and real ale festivals, wine tasting events and even wine tasting classes!

3. Scottish men wearing skirts, waving their naked bottoms in the air. The skirt is called ‘kilt.’ They only wear kilts on special occasions like weddings, parties and formal events. You might see some folks flashing and showing off their bottoms in Edinburgh, just for tourists. Oh and never call the kilts ‘skirts’ ever again.

4. Glasgow is dangerous. Not more than any other UK big cities, including Manchester, Leeds and London. Glasgow is a friendly city. People smile and have a conversation with you even at a bus stop.

5. A deep-fried Mars bar is their favourite food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, that is a complete nonsense. In fact, you might not even find one. You could try asking fish and chips shops. They might make you one or two just because they are so friendly.


One response to “Visit Scotland, but know these…”

  1. I love this website. It is the eye of the storm on the internet. A lovely place to be. Thank you!


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