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To Billy

You are my baby boy, my beautiful baby boy

Billy’s forget me not flower

Why was your visit so short?

Was it the water that

washed your golden hair?

Was it the wind

blew on your perfect face?

Why was your visit so short?

Was it the timing

you were born?

Was it the tantrums

you saw in life?

Why was your visit so short?

Did you have a mission

to complete?

Did you have a message

to deliver?

Why was your visit so short?

Do you know Mummy sang to you

holding your hand?

Do you know Daddy sat with you

holding your head?

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. -Author Unknown

Why was your visit so short?

Do you remember your sister

dressed you beautifully?

Do you recall your brother

guarded you bravely?

Why was your visit so short?

Do you know you have

a baby sister now?

Do you know she

looks just  like you?

Mummy’s beautiful baby boy

You will always be in our hearts forever



5 responses to “To Billy”

  1. Beautiful poem for a beautiful baby boy! My thoughts are always with you and your wonderful family!xxxxx


  2. Hi Guuye,
    You have to be really proud of Billy, although his visit here as you said was too short, he managed to touch to so many lives, more than most of the people I know.
    His visit was short but he did a lot while he was here.
    You are a very brave woman and I will always admire you for that.

    Love you loads.


    1. Thanks so much Lore. I agree Billy did a lot and still doing it. My lovely boy. Thank you for always there for us. Your babies are beautiful.X


  3. I really like this poem. Because I feel that these words are from your heart. I believe Billy will hear your heart voice.


    1. Thank you. Yes, these are my words from my heart. My heart will never be the same again. Thank you for reading. X


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