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Love is not enough

Bunch of World CoinsCreative Commons License photo credit: Investing in Gold

‘Mum, how much is it to raise a child?’ asked my 13-year-old hardly closed the door behind her, came from school . ‘Well, I guess it depends on where they live and what they have.’ I answered realising I never thought about it before. She immediately started looking for information on the internet. After sorting out which country and where in the world how much it costs to bring up a child she exclaimed ‘Wow, you and dad would have been millionaires if you didn’t have any children.’ She really looked shocked by how much it was. ‘Well, I’d rather have my babies.’ I declared cuddling our baby girl. That thought stayed lingering in my mind for a few days.

I am not one who goes after designer clothes and expensive pampering breaks. At the same time, I like using nice things but within a reason. Every culture has different languages inside them who wears what defines their status, wealth and the position in society. It is a reality. Being a Careers Adviser and telling people ‘First impressions count’ thousand times changed how I should look.

Sometimes, I look round and see people struggling to dress to fit in the fashion, their peer group and others’ expectations. It’s a shame especially when it becomes obsession. I know some people rather wear a fake Prada than feeding their children.

In my eyes when greed takes over life struggles. I’m not talking about unpredictable life difficulties like accidents, disability, death and illnesses. I’m talking about the self brought greed. More money, more clothes, more this more that, more love, more … more …

Christmas is a busy time in the Western world especially. I love the decorations and the children getting excited waiting for Santa part. I’m not so sure about the ever-increasing presents and mad rush of splashing money on things we don’t need or want.

What is Santa bringing you? What do you want from Santa? …



One response to “Love is not enough”

  1. Clever girl to start thinging of these things.I don’t envy parents of children these days with all the techno gadgets costing a fortune.I have bought a lot of gifts for my granddaughter clothes and bits and bobs and a push along for when she’s bigger I just can’t help it.I don’t need anything from Santa except to go on holiday this year that’s all.Have a good Christmas x


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