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G is for Ger

Ger is a Mongolian word for yurt. In Mongolian, the word ger also means home.

Does happiness depend on how many rooms or how much you have?

When I say I grew up in a ger some people think poverty. Well, I never starved of love.


My childhood home. My parents still live in it in rural Mongolia.

Here are some fun facts of growing up in a ger:

You never feel alone.

You are always in the same house wherever you move house. 

There is no bed time different from adults.

You can see the stars through the window on top.

Everyone eats together facing each other because of the round shape.

In the summer, you can ‘see through’ the wall once the felt covers lifted up.

You can pretend you are asleep and eavesdrop adults’ conversation.

You can never be sent to your room.

 You can grill marshmallows any day you want in the stove.



5 responses to “G is for Ger”

  1. Nice ger then.
    do check out my G at GAC a-z


    1. Thank you. You should see the inside, the artwork is fantastic, full of patterns and paintings. 🙂


  2. I just can’ imagine what it’s like not being able to go off in a room by yourself. I can see that for children it has it’s advantages, being close to everyone and hearing all the adult conversation. Did you adapt well to our way or did you also find our houses strange?


    1. I still can’t be on my own in a room to be honest. I get scared. Please don’t tell my kids though. Shh. 🙂 When I came to Britain I had no idea about personal space as such. Now, yeah, I’m demanding some personal space. We change and adapt, don’t we?


      1. Yes we have too.A lot of houses in Glasgow when I was growing up were just one room which was a bedroom and another room where you had living, kitchen and bed space. In our house we had two bedrooms and there was five of us. Every summer my uncle and his faminly came to stay for two weeks so that made five adults and five children in a two bed house I don’t know where we all slept.


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