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H is for Health Remedies

I’d like to share with you some Mongolian traditional health tips and remedies for today’s challenge.

When I was little, we used to cure cold and fever with following methods as well as western medicines:

  • horse meat soup with garlic
  • putting warm urine soaked cloth as a compress round the chest
  • drinking a bowl of my mother’s urine while it’s warm

People with back pain, high blood pressure or people who had tension on their shoulders use cupping. My father still use this technique sometimes.

Also acupuncture is popular. I remember my mother had them when I was about five. I thought she looked scary with needles standing up round her head. She used it for her migraines. It is considered to be good for fertility problems, night sweating, red eyes, hot flushes and bloating, too.

Last but not least is massage. My father’s head massage is the best. I used to miss his massages after I left home.

How about you? Do you use any of these techniques? Or any of your own to share with me?


13 responses to “H is for Health Remedies”

  1. I’m quite good at the Indian head massage. I’ve had acupuncture and it worked well. The cupping became really popular here as all the celebs were having it done,I don’t fancy it. I also don’t fancy drinking urine,but did it work?


    1. Anne, thank you for your comment. I guess the urine drinking worked. Mind is a powerful thing, we believed it and it must have helped. I remember my mum handing me her urine when I was in labour to have my first child. Recently, I was reading through natural way of starting labour in pregnancy and it seems there might be some kind of ingredient in urine to cause contractions. Hey, we are all animals at the end of the day, aren’t we?!


  2. I have to be honest…I’m just too Western to give any of these except the head massage a try. My face is twisted into a grimace at the thought of drinking my mother’s urine. Blech!

    Very interesting “H” post. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the A to Z challenge. Happy Monday! ☺


    1. Hi Larri, thank you for stopping by. Yes, the thought of urine is not an attractive one. I guess what you are used to is normal for you anywhere, because that’s what you know. I have to clarify though not all Mongolians use the urine technique. I mentioned in my other posts that I’m not from the city and every family is different. Please do come back, I’m visiting your blog after this comment. 🙂


  3. Part of me wants to scream – ew, why would you drink urine! What are the benefits? Does it work? I would love to know which western remedies you find strange.


    1. Thank you and scream away! Why not?! Don’t we all just love anything weird and wonderful. As they say they will remember the really good ones and the really bad ones. I’m not sure which one this one will be for you. 🙂 I think and I hope it works. I live in Scotland now and I thought ‘hot toddy’ was an interesting one. I loved it when my husband made it for me a few years back. It has whisky in it, probably I was ‘happy.’


  4. Interesting health remedies! Honestly, I pop pills for everything. I really should not do that…

    I get massages and practice yoga to help with body issues and pains. Great post!

    Eat Live Move: Intuitive Eating from A to Z


  5. Hi! I stopped by on my way through the A-Z Challenge and found your blog. So interesting! I want to come back and stay longer!

    I have not tried any of the techniques you mentioned (and admittedly find the ones involving urine a little ‘off-putting’) but have always been interested in trying acupuncture and of course, I love a good massage.

    I loved your post about the yurt…I have ALWAYS wanted to try one of those out. Maybe I will one day.

    I will return! Happy Challenge!


    1. Hi Carrie, thank you so much for your kind words and please do return. Oh yes, yurts or gers I prefer to call them are fab. They are cosy, easy to move about and simple. I miss my childhood home and I hope to have a ger in our garden for our kids one day. There are many different sizes. See you soon.


  6. Never seen that kind of technique before, though I have heard of acupunture:)
    Great A-Z post!


  7. I’m an MD and I usually tend to go to that kind of medicine, however, I used to be a lot more dismissive of traditional medicine when I was younger. After my years in med school and in hospitals, I learned that remedies work very well sometimes and are not to be dismissed without second thoughts. Now, I’m a lot more respectful of them and sometimes I use them.

    Great post.
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress


    1. Thank you, Georgina. Oh I know, I became like that after I left Mongolia. Now, I realise these techniques are good and work for some health issues. That mind set made me to write about it and share with others. I like your blog title. I too am a writer in progress. Then again they say whenever you say ‘I’m a writer’ you are one. So here we are getting there. Good luck with your writing career.


  8. None of that for me. I did now a woman who used acupuncture for migraines and she said it helped. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.


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