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N is for No

Baby voert moeder biscuitje / Baby feeding mother a biscuit
Photo credit: Creative Commons – Nationaal Archief/Willem van de Poll

Our baby girl is starting to understand what is right and wrong. So the word ‘No’ seems to be one of the first words we teach her. It’s a very simple word but once we are adults it takes some confidence and courage to say ‘No’ to others.

I’m curious to see how ‘no’ is written and sounds like in different languages.

Here is the rule:

Please write the word in the comments if you know any ‘no’s in any language. Let’s see how many ‘no’s we can come up with.

Mongolian: үгүй – (Pron: oogie)

Russian: Нет – (Pron: Niyet)

Now it’s your turn. Go on, you know you want to.


2 responses to “N is for No”

  1. No in French is Non and in Turkish is Hayir.
    I think it’s the first word babies learn. The wee toddler I look after says it to me about a hundred times a day as he tries to boss me around.


  2. GErmanaar Nain gedeg baihaa. Gehdee duudlaga ni NAIN, harin yaj bichdegiig ni medehgui baina l daa kkk


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