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P is for Presents

Today is one of my son’s birthday. Presents called him out of bed early in the morning before his baby sister who wakes up well before him. He rushed us to open his presents and he was chuffed to see his ‘surprises.’ Well, he asked for Cars 2 DVD though we didn’t get it until 8 o’clock last night. So instead of going to my writing club I drove round nearby towns searching for the DVD in supermarket shelves.  After three supermarkets I finally found the DVD. I kissed it. I did. I know I’m sad, but I’m his mummy. However, his daddy was so much more organised and bought toys and games online. His sister had written and painted his favourite things and people on a canvas which was really lovely.

Birthdays were not that important in Mongolia when I was little. My parents took my photo in black and white and cooked rice pudding for me. That was my birthday cake.


How about you? How did you celebrate your birthday? What can you remember? What presents did you like most?

Kinderen rond kersttulband met kaars


4 responses to “P is for Presents”

  1. Happy Birthday to your little boy, great you found the DVD I remember trying ti find just what the kids wanted so I didn’t let them down. I inky had one birthday party when I was young which is the reason my children had one every year, I used to decorate the house with balloons and streamers and big numbers , I miss it all.


  2. Don’t remember having birthday party when I was a child. Tsagaan sar and Naadam were big, but not our Bdays.,,,


  3. Thank you, Anne. It sounds lovely, of course you miss it. Now you have an excuse to spoil your grand baby!


  4. Bayarlalaa Zula. Bid nar harin torson odor temdegledeggui blaa daa. Odoo huugiinhee torson odriig temdeglej baigaa baih te? ❤


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