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S is for Smokie

Thanks to Anne I remembered Smokie! Anne watched them in Blackpool and I watched their visit in Mongolia on Mongolian TV and danced to their songs in the late 1990’s in the night clubs of Ulaanbaatar.

Smokie played a two night sell out concert to 25,000 people in Ulaanbaatar. As the open air stadium was full another 60,000 fans stood outside listening to them. (Thanks, Anne)

Every Mongolian over 30 will remember them well. My friend was the interpreter during their visit.

Here I’ll share my favourite song with you. Enjoy!

Have you heard of them? Where and when? What memories do they bring you?


5 responses to “S is for Smokie”

  1. I’d be grateful if you could clarify the identity of ‘Alice’, as featured in the classic Smokie composition ‘Living Next Door to Alice’. While I understand this question is asked often, and with a degree of collective urgency, to my knowledge the question has yet to be satisfactorily answered.


  2. Guuye, I was so surprised when I read about Smokie and Mongolia and even more surprised that you watched the concert. They really were a great bunch of guys and they’re still singing today.

    Mr Guuye, Alice was no one special just the girl next door who the singer had loved for 24yrs and never told her, she was moving away and he still never told her. I hope this answers your question as I would hate you to have a sleepless night asking ,”who the **** is Alice?” lol!!!!


  3. Never heard of them, sadly. I am over 30 (closer to 40, actually), but I’m not Mongolian–maybe that’s why? 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to them, though, and happy to meet you too. Mongolia–wow! I’ve heard fantastic stuff about your country, and I’d love to know more. Cultural diversity fascinates me.


  4. I’m with Guilie up there. Thanks for bringing your culture to us!

    A to Z co-host


  5. Heya – great song. It played on the radio constantly when I was growing up. Would have loved to dance to them in Ulaanbaatar!

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist


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