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Troon beach



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6 responses to “Contact”

  1. Just browzing the site. Excellent. I will tel the school careers cadets to check it out also. I will ask karen for pics of the show. Can you come to the studio on friday. The head of downs syndrome scotland is coming to the studio live with claire and her friend to chat about dss. You should come along if you are up to it and we can take a pic of you abd myself? I will spread the word on your site.


  2. Odko Richardson avatar
    Odko Richardson

    Hi dearest Uuganaa, I read your blog. I really liked your blog specially an article about ger and our country and poems. Wish you and your family best!!! I’ll continue read it.


    1. Thank you very much Odko. Nice to hear you are reading my blog from the other side of the Atlantic. Glad you like the blog posts on Mongolia. I will write more on this theme. Bayarlalaa ho. xx 🙂


      1. sainuu? minii naiz yamar mundag boloo ve? bayar hurgii


  3. Excellent job my dear. Keep up the good job. Love you


  4. congratulations on your recent European Award. well done and this is just the beginning…..eddy


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