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Eddy Gemmell, Careers Adviser and Presenter, Careers Show

I’m fortunate to have been one of the guests on the Careers Show which is supported by Skills Development Scotland. The show is produced and presented by Eddy Gemmell. My career and life have been followed by the programme. There is a series of interviews some of which were on air and some of which are still to be aired in the near future. The show is on every Friday between 12am and 2pm (UK time) at 3TFM Radio and can be listened online.

You can listen to the interviews here and welcome to leave comments.


Accepting Down Syndrome and why I’m writing my book

Coping after Billy’s death and about my book


Live Show: Interviewed by

Career Cadets from Dykesmains Primary School


Who inspired me

What is the food like in Mongolia

Coca Cola experience


3 responses to “Interviews”

  1. Margo MacMillan avatar
    Margo MacMillan

    Well done Eddy! Keep up the good work – this is a much needed resource!


  2. I found all i need thank you so much. All of the best dear


    1. Thank you. Bayarlalaa tanid tus bolson bol. Oor yunii talaar medmeer, huvaaltsmaar, unshmaar, yarimaar terniigee huvaaltsaarai. Dahin zochlooroi. 🙂