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E is for English Language

King, Martin Luther
King, Martin Luther CC from San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

English tickles my tongue to dance

English encourages me to think different

English tests my ability to adapt

English helped me to find my life time love

English empties my crying well missing my son

English tears me apart because I understand

English teases me to say how I feel

English enables me to find the voice of freedom

English is my permission to challenge ignorance

English is my voice to address the world

I have a dream…




8 responses to “E is for English Language”

  1. You write English better tan I do. Lovely poetry.


    1. Hi Anne, thank you. I thought you were being clever! :)) Oh, no I love your blog. I’m really enjoying the memories. I look forward to your posts to see what it will be tomorrow. X


  2. Sorry for spelling mistake,I have a new iPad and learning how to use it.


  3. Cute poem! Also about English, the words aren’t always pronounced the way they appear and we tend love our sayings: Time is running out! (Hmmm, how does time run out? And out of where?)

    A to Z co-host


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I know time is running out, nose is running. Very interesting. I love idioms and sayings. You might like these posts.


  4. Yip you write English better than I do too, but thats not very hard


    1. Thanks, Gillian. Oh I think your writings are great. In fact I was driving today and thinking about the posts you had and the languages you used. Very brave. Then again you blog is fun and adventure filled, so no wonder. ;)Thank you for visiting.


  5. That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contirbtuing.


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