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K is for Keep Kind Karma

I asked my kids what to write on letter K.

They said: Karma and Kind.

So what is Karma?

It is widely understood as cause and effect.

Do I believe in Karma?

I did.

Tompkins Sq. Park

I thought If I’m kind and considerate life will treat me alright.

However, I’m not sure anymore.

We lost our baby son Billy.

Was it Karma?


What do you think? Do you believe in Karma?




2 responses to “K is for Keep Kind Karma”

  1. A deep question Uugaana, to which each of us has to work out a solution we can live with. I don’t think karma as a cause/effect works in that direct way – if karma is a force, then everybody’s karma, past and present must influence each other. We don’t have control over events in a simple cause/effect way, but good karma (good intentions, positive thought and action, one’s own and that of others, can, I think, help us to deal with the uncontrollable things that do happen. Good karma like the love and support of others, and the personal strength to cope with what happens to us.And perhaps ‘kindness’ is an easier idea to grasp and one that we can all exercise.Trish x


  2. Your question could be discussed all day long. I have seen really good and kind people having terrible things happen to them time after time. I have see selfish, arrogant and rude people having all the luck in the world bestowed upon them. We always say what goes around comes around meaning if you do a bad turn you will suffer for it and if you do a good turn you will be repaid but the truth is bad things happen to good people.


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