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The Creative Woman of the Year Award!

The Creative Woman of the Year Award

Last weekend I went to London, so excited to see the Mongolian singer Jargalsaihan’s concert.

Well, ok I admit it I was excited because I was nominated for an award – Woman of the Year 2012 for Mongolians in Europe. This was the awards ceremony in Copthorne Hotel in Kensington I was going to.

A few weeks earlier I had received a phone call from David Scott, the Honorary Consul for Mongolia in Scotland. He informed me about the awards ceremony and said he was going to nominate me for an award. I felt honoured. Yes, I was touched that he recognised my efforts in raising awareness on the term Mongol and celebrated my trophy for my book Mongol from the Scottish Association of Writers.

A glamorous reception awaited with a single rose and a glass of champagne at the entrance, photographers flashing cameras. The tables were carefully chosen with numbers and seat arrangements reminding me of a posh wedding we went to a few years back. I was overwhelmed. I realised I had never been to a Mongolian event like this.

I kept starting conversations in Mongolian with my Australian friend who was with me. It was funny but electrifying to be there. My friend from Kent came with his camera and took our photos. Our table was right in the middle near the stage. The award nominees were introduced on the screen and my category was announced just before the end. I was just sitting there tired after my train journey combined with my broken sleep the night before. People kept coming and talking to me introducing themselves. They knew me mostly through my blogs and Facebook work to promote awareness on the word Mongol.

There were two other nominees in the Creative Woman of the Year category. I realised they were very strong candidates. The next thing was my father’s name (my Mongolian surname) announced followed by my first name and my Scottish surname. I won! I was so pleased.

This award means another stepping stone to what I’m aiming for. This is a symbol that Mongolians also appreciate and recognise what I’m trying to do. So watch this space. We have many meetings to organise, people to reach, and of course a book to publish! Be part of it. Be brave. Be fair. Come and join us when it’s time. Thank you.




2 responses to “The Creative Woman of the Year Award!”

  1. That’s fantastic news! Well done!


    1. Oh Thank you Sue! How nice to hear from you. I need to go to the Weegie Wednesdays and catch up. X


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