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Another Award!

Yes, I ‘met’ some wonderful people online through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I apologise to who gave me this fantastic award for my blog. It has been a few months since I was given the award. I went to Mongolia and just back. I want to say thank you to for the award.

So. Kreativ Blogger award. There are rules. The first, most important, is to thank my awarders and link to them. Then I must answer these ten questions:

What’s your favorite song?

Oh there are so many. It depends on many things, mainly time. If I have to choose one… then it must be ‘All This Time’ sang by Maria Mena. I could listen to it again and again. Beautiful voice and music.

What’s your favorite dessert?
Ahh, I love desserts. I’ll have to go for sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and a cup of tea! So rich and the mixture of hot and cold. Yummm…

What ticks you off?
Women who nag about their partner’s drinks.

What do you do when you’re upset?
Mmm… it depends. I like listening to music that reflects my mood.

Which is your favorite pet?
Ark – my parents’ dog. The one and only pet I was close to I guess. He was 14 when he died and my mother used to treat him like a baby.

Which do you prefer, black or white?
Ha … I don’t want to say ‘it depends’ again, but I always wanted a long black car. That changed after Billy’s funeral. Now, that kind of cars remind me of sad times. I like white furniture and white clothes.

What’s your biggest fear?
To lose my parents without having a chance to look after them even for a day.

What’s your attitude, mostly?
Recently, one of my close friends gave me a cup said: ‘Och wheesht and get oan wae it.’ Basically, it says ‘Oh, shut up and get on with it.’ in Scots language. I think she knows me!

What is perfection?
New born babies.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Enrique Iglisias songs

I also need to provide ten random facts about myself:

1   I grew up in a ger. (yurt)

2   I can make vodka from yogurt.
3   I can make yogurt from milk.

4   I hate it when people mix different languages in the same sentence. I try not to mix Mongolian and English.

5   The the the articles in English language are my enemies. I could destroy them and live happily after ever. I’m never sure when I’m using them right.

6   When I speak I still mix up my W and V. It’s wery vet etc.

7   My dream place I want to visit is Rome. Since I was little, I always wanted to go there. I know very little about Italian culture and I would love to explore more about their food. (I know, I love my food.)

8   My Mongolian blog posts are different from my English ones. When I write in Mongolian I feel bare. Therefore, it seems to have no personal posts, mostly general articles.

9  I can make noodles. ( I know it’s random, but it is supposed to be random… right?)
Sand dunes in Santmargats, Mongolia
10 When I was 17, I poured a cup of tea and handed it to the first Mongolian president Ochirbat on top of a sand dune in western Mongolia. He visited our soum(village) and we had to provide 9 white horses for his visit. I rode one of the horses and galloped across the steppe to see the president. (I fell off the horse and begged the others not to tell my parents. If they found out they wouldn’t have let me ride horses again.)




One response to “Another Award!”

  1. You make me want to ride white horses across a vast expanse for a brand new start.


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